Thursday 25 May 2017

GST Rate Schedule Chapter - 68 (Articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar material)

68 (Articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar material)


1.   Sand lime bricks
2.   Fly ash bricks.
1.   6804       Millstones, grindstones,  grinding wheels  and  the  like, without   frameworks, for                grinding, sharpening, polishing,  trueing  or cutting,               hand sharpening              or polishing stones, and parts     thereof,     of natural     stone,     of agglomerated  natural or artificial abrasives, or  of  ceramics,  with or  without  parts  of other materials
2. 6805         Natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain, on a base of textile material, of paper, of paperboard or  of other materials, whether or not cut to shape or sewn or otherwise made up; such as Abrasive cloths, Emery or corundum coated paper, Flint coated paper, Glass or sand coated paper.
3.   6806       Slag wool, rock wool and similar mineral wools; exfoliated vermiculite, expanded          clays, foamed slag and similar expanded mineral materials; mixtures and articles of heat-insulating, sound-insulating or sound-absorbing mineral materials, other  than  those  of heading 6811 or 6812
or chapter 69.
4. 6811         Articles of asbestos-cement, of cellulose  fibre- cement or the like.

All  goods  not  specified elsewhere
1. 6801 Setts, curbstones and flagstones, of natural stone (except slate).
2. 6802 Worked monumental or building  stone (except slate) and articles thereof, other than goods of heading 6801; mosaic cubes and the like, of natural stone (including slate), whether or not on a backing; artificially coloured granules, chippings and powder, of natural stone (including slate); of marble, travertine and alabaster, of Granite, of Other calcareous stone.
3. 6803 Worked slate and articles of slate or of agglomerated slate.
4. 6807 Articles of asphalt or of similar material (for example, petroleum bitumen or coal tar pitch).
5. 6808 Panels, boards, tiles, blocks and similar   articles of vegetable fibre, of straw or  of  shavings, chips, particles, sawdust or other waste, of wood, agglomerated with cement, plaster     or other mineral binders.
6. 6809 Articles  of plaster or of compositions based on plaster; such  as Boards, sheets, panels, tiles and similar articles, not ornamented.
7. 6810 Articles  of cement, of concrete or of artificial stone, whether or not reinforced; such as Tiles, flagstones, bricks and similar articles, Building blocks and bricks, Cement bricks, Prefabricated structural  components for  Building  or  civil engineering, Prefabricated structural  components for  building  or  civil engineering.
8. 6812  Fabricated asbestos fibres; mixtures with a  basis of asbestos or with a basis of asbestos and magnesium carbonate; articles of such mixtures  or  of asbestos (for example, thread, woven fabric, clothing, headgear, footwear, gaskets), whether or not reinforced, other than goods of heading 6811 or 6813
9. 6813 Friction material and articles  thereof (for example, sheets, rolls, strips, segments, discs, washers, pads), not mounted, for brakes, for clutches or the like, with a basis of asbestos, of other mineral substances or of cellulose, whether or not combined with textiles or other materials.
10. 6814    Worked    mica and articles of  mica, including agglomerated           or reconstituted       mica, whether  or  not  on  a support     of     paper, paperboard   or   other materials.
11. 6815 Articles of stone or of other mineral substances (including carbon fibres, articles of carbon fibres and articles of peat), not elsewhere specified or included.


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